Summer 2016

Past Predicts the Future! June 2016

Remnants of the Atocha Still At Large

Nuestra Señora de Atocha (“Our Lady of Atocha”) was the most famous of a fleet of Spanish ships that sank in 1622 off the Florida Keys while carrying copper, silver, gold, tobacco, gems, jewels and indigo from Spanish ports.

On 6 September 1622, the Atocha was driven by a severe hurricane onto the coral reefs near the Dry Tortugas, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) west of Key West. With her hull badly damaged, the vessel quickly sank, drowning everyone on board except for three sailors and two slaves. The ship’s vast treasures were scattered throughout the North Atlantic by the rough seas of the September hurricane and then again by another hurricane in October of the same year.

atocha_treasureWith news of the shipwreck reaching Spain, Spaniards quickly dispatched several recovery operations that lasted many years. They were only able to recover less than half of the fortunes left on the seabed by the sunken Atocha.

Rackham Recovers Atocha Treasure

For almost one hundred years, information on the Atocha treasure was sparse until the summer of 1720 when news landed in Spain of a Pirate who claimed to have recovered a bounty of exceptional wonder from areas known to be the site of the Atocha wreckage.


Atocha Treasure Confirmed

Reports were never able to be confirmed until today. We are happy to report that while some of our researchers were preparing for this summer’s Hilton Head pirate activities, our staff has discovered that the treasure recovered by the BOMK in 2012 is an exact match to artifacts recovered by the Spaniards from 1622-1629. The image above is from Spanish archives showing treasures found in and around the Atocha wreckage. We have zoomed in on that treasure to find that some of the gold dabloons have the exact same markings as the dabloons recovered by the Misfits in the summer of 2012. See for yourself.

Connecting the Dots

Rackhams_RoutesGiven this shocking revelation, we decided to make sure this finding could be true. We conducted further research to identify Rackhams most common sailing routes.

We plotted these routes on a map along with the known location of the Atocha wreckage (pictured left). Sure enough, one of Rackham’s most trusted routes cuts right through the wreckage area 35 miles off the cost of the Florida Keys.

As a result, we believe that he had conducted several treasure hunts in this area and recovered various artifacts from the Atocha wreckage.

Surprisingly, the dabloons unearthed in 2012 may not have been the glorious find that the Band of Misfit Kids (BOMK) once thought it was. The real find might be Jack’s other buried remnants of the Atocha shipwreck.

2016 Treasure Predictions

atocha_gold_barWith continued investigation we are sure there are precious metals of the Atocha that remain outstanding. However, it is our opinion that the original Rackham may have recovered some extremely rare and valuable gold and silver bars which bear the markings consistent with treasures from the Atocha.

The image at right is magnified on what we believe may be the treasure Rackham is desperately searching for this summer. Given that we have confirmed that at least some of the Atocha treasure had been stashed on Hilton Head island by connecting the 2012 dabloons to the Atocha, we therefore expect more Atocha treasure to be discoverable. In particular, we believe these gold bars could be the main component of a “dream-stash” for 2016!

Rackham Used Treasure Anchors?!


anchor_1What’s a treasure anchor? Although it was not a very commonly used practice back in the 1700’s, treasure anchors were a tool used by sophisticated pirates to help them submerge treasures and control where the treasure came to rest on the ocean floor. Treasure anchors were simple miniature versions of normal ship anchors and were made of lead or other hard metals and formed into shapes that mimicked actual anchors used by ships throughout the Caribbean.

We believe that Rackham was one of those seasoned pirates that liked to try various methods to effectively stash his loot and keep others from finding it. For these reasons, Rackham was a particularly good pirate. It’s possible that the importance of the Atocha treasure may have been great enough for Rackham to use more worldly methods to secure his stash.

It may be a good idea for the BOMK to be aware of this lesser know fact.

Instincts of true treasure hunters


Sometime what is most important is to follow the innate instincts of true experts. At times, experts can’t explain how they do what they do, they can’t really explain what they know, or why they know it or even how they know it…they just….know.

This is when following “experts” is the best alternative to any other approach. We have just gotten reports of a stake that has been recovered from the location that we believe the BMOK has designated as a “HOT SPOT”.


Based on the BMOK’s experience and success, we think that this location is a great place to continue searching for additonal treasure clues.

The BOMK “Dupped”

After an intensive search and an exciting extraction, the Band of Misfit Kids yanked a treasure chest from the earth after spotting part of its treasure anchor sticking out above ground. The Goons were not able to open the chest immediately because as you can see from the image, it was wrapped tightly with rope and tied securely.

Upon return to their headquarters, they were able to cut through the sandy, waterlogged hemp rope and open what appeared to be the greatest treasure find yet. The excitement reached fever pitch as children were dreaming of buying Mommy and Daddy a beach house. There were gold bars and silver bars and they even had unique markings consistent with reported Atocha treasures. It truly seemed to be the pinnacle of their treasure hunting adventures. Until…one Goonie exclaims, “This Gold is Light, it’s FAKE!” and then another Goonie slaps a gold bar against the concrete pool deck breaking the bar in half revealing that the bars were painted stone-like replicas of gold bars. The disappointment quickly set-in and the BOMK knew they’d been had, dupped by the great Jack Rackham!