Summer 2014


No Sign of Rackham

June 21st, 2014 Hilton Head island officials have reported no pirate activity at this time. There have been no indications of the frightening Calico Jack Rackham or his dastardly brother Mack.

Authorities believe the eerily quiet summer is because the Band of Misfit Kids did not find Rackham’s treasure last summer and therefore the booty remains safe in its hiding place.

“that’s the only thing we can think of” said Buck Marauder of the Hilton Head port authority. “We suspect that Jack has no intentions of returning because that would only show his brother Mack where the treasure is and Mack is the whole reason why the treasure was buried at Singleton beach”.

“We believe they only reason he would return is if he fears the Band of Misfit Kids are up to no good.” Buck continued saying that “last summer they came up empty and just about emptied my beach in the process!” “That Rackham must have had a good laugh! our suspicion is that the clues and tools he left behind last summer were a diversion and those crazy kids fell for it!”

We will report more if there is any activity this summer but unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be a very still and uneventful summer. One that we’ve not had in over 4 years. Hopefully the BOMK will not cause a stir and we can enjoy a classic southern Hilton Head summer.

2014 Singleton Map

Map Information Reported

June 23, 2014 Information leading to the location and packaging of Rackham’s map has been reported. We have just received an anonymous tip that the real treasure map leading to Calico Jack Rackham’s 2013 treasure is packaged in a small glass bottle sealed with a cork.

Based on reports, we have used the details shared by the anonymous tipper and created a simulation of what we believe the bottle will look like. Pictured left is our rendition. Anyone looking for Rackham’s map should be looking for something that looks like this.

We have also been lead to believe that the map is located somewhere near where last summers fake map was discovered. Those that follow our reports will recall that last summer the Misfits unearthed a map buried beneath a rock near the inlet on Singleton shores.

Our reports suggest that real map was in-fact also buried near the inlet but the fake map information was leaked purposefully last summer to mislead the Misfits to finding the wrong map. Apparently it worked last summer but this year may be a different story.

Stay tuned for more information related to this story!


2014 Singleton Map Clues

Map information!

Our staff has been working all night long to come up with this latest information regarding Rackham’s map. As soon as we heard about the real map still on Singleton Shores, we decided that we needed to put our research resources to work. In doing so, we have turned up some critical information about the location of Jack’s map. How did we do it?? we found one of the 1st mates of Rackham’s 2013 crew. He was found drinking pirate grog singing “Yo Ho, Yo Ho.. A Pirates Life For Me”.

After a few cups of coffee, a good meal and a small bribe, the pirate began describing with some amazing detail, what actually occurred last summer. We have confirmed from this source that the map found under the rock with the backwards ‘F’ was actually a fake and that Jack knew what he was doing the whole time.

The real map was stashed not far from where the fake was buried. The real map was placed in a small bottle that was sealed with a cork and it was hidden under a rock that appeared to have a white tumor or growth on it. The drunken pirate explained that the rock was located just beyond the narrowest part of the inlet and it had a large 2 foot by 2 foot white spot on it that resembled the growth of a tumor.

If this pirate was telling the truth then we expect to hear about the Band of Misfit Kids tomorrow. Chances are, they will be rooting around that area first thing in the morning. The odds are now in their favor with this valuable information. We shall wait to hear reports of their success in recovering the real map.

Calico's 1st Mate

1st Mate Followed

Yesterday after our conversation with the self proclaimed 1st Mate of Calico Jack Rackham we decided to spy on him and follow him. We figured it might lead us to Jack’s plunder.

But instead, he made his way to the Shores of Singleton beach and peered off into the horizon as if waiting for a ship to come a shore.

We hope this doesn’t mean that Rackham is on his way to Singleton, if so, that could mean that he’s on his way back to recover his treasure. If he does, the Band of Misfit Kids could miss the opportunity to find the treasure on their own.

One thing we found strange before the 1st mate left us was that he kept mumbling to himself. It was like he was singing but talking at the same time, he was saying:

“Burkey me boy, I sing yer song
I follow your line, turning right before long
I take the trail towards the great palm
80 paces with another 20 beyond
into the pine, I turn toward the calm
20 more and I can’t go wrong”

We are not sure what this means but if it does have any meaning we’re sure that the Misfits are the best bunch to figure it out. We certainly hope that they do it before Rackham returns for his loot.


2014 Treasure

Treasure Found Off Burke’s Beach Trail

They did it again, the “Goonie” like kids unraveled a mystery and found the treasure! This is the “Great Plunder” of 2014 and it has officially been recovered by the Band of Misfit Kids. The Misfits used clues provided by our researchers and hints located on the back of the map they dug up.

With instincts only developed by experienced treasure hunters, the brave kids took Burke’s Beach trail and strayed off to the right through some treacherous terrain and “planted” booby traps. The path led them to a giant palm bush where they began counting paces until they reached 100.

Then they advanced into a growth of pine trees where they again took a right and paced off another 20 steps. This is where they found a small palm bush and next to it what looked like an “X” created by branches and sticks.

They removed the brush and began digging. Each of them pitching in until they dug up the treasure pictured left. Unlike other summer treasure exploits, this find should close the book on an expedition extending over two years. We hope not to see Rackham who may show up looking for his treasure but we suspect that news of the Band of Misfit Kids will reach Jack because we think his first mate watched them find the treasure.

News such as this will only serve to make Rackham mad and probably cause him to go on a “Kid Hunt”. Word has it that the “Plunder of 2014” held real value and Jack will not let it slip so easily from his possession. Only time will tell.