Summer 2013


Hilton Head Fears Return of Rackham

June 18th, 2013 Hilton Head island issued an advisory notice to all residents and travelers speculating that the nasty Calico Jack Rackham is anticipated to be making a stop on Hilton Head island while avoiding his gruesome brother Mack.

Mack Rackham is the twin brother of Jack who is chasing him with intentions to steal Jacks most recent find. Apparently earlier this season Jack located one of the many family treasures stashed throughout the Atlantic.

The public advisory indicates that Rackham is expected to be anchored for only a short period of 4-6 days. It is also expected that he will be stashing a marvelous booty so that his brother can’t take it from him when they inevitably clash at sea later this summer.



The deadly Rackham has been spotted heading toward Hilton Head. Officials believe he is looking to stash his latest booty and slip back out to sea without being captured by his evil twin Mack Rackham. The Rackham brothers have been fighting for shares of their family’s treasure since they were born. Mack has never been seen on Hilton Head so local authorities do not expect him to make landfall.

Jack on the other hand knows the island like the back of his hand, especially the Singleton beach area where he’s been known to deposit his loot. If Jack needs a place to bury his treasure so that his evil brother can’t find it, then officials are confident that Singleton Beach is a highly probable location.

Word has it that he’s been “ship-schooled” this past year too! apparently his first mate has been observed teaching Jack to read while at various ports throughout the Caribbean. This could make Rackham an even more dangerous and possibly richer pirate. We also expect his maps and clues to get more sophisticated.

If Rackham does stash his bounty on the Island he’s sure to need a map so that he can find it upon his return. Locals are aware of this and all stationary and writing utensil stores have been put on high alert. We’ll keep our site updated with the latest information as soon as we learn of new developments.

6/25/2013 Rackham Makes Anchor Off the Shores of Singleton Beach

At approximately 4:27am this morning (6/25/2013) during low tide, Jack Rackham’s ship was spotted off the shores of Singleton Beach. It is believed that his brother Mack arrived at Singleton unexpectedly a few days before Jack and tried to set a trap for Jack by creating a wreckage scene to lure him ashore and get him to investigate the wreckage while Mack could board Jack’s ship set at anchor.

Witnesses say that Mack’s trap worked because Jack’s first action upon making landfall was to investigate the fake wreckage while Mack and his crew tore through Jack’s ship looking for the treasure.

Another unbiased third party reported that Jack must have been privy to Mack’s tricks because Jack did not leave anything of value on his ship. Instead, as he came ashore, Jack landed with his treasure in tow, a map and what appeared to be other navigation devices.

Eyewitnesses believe that Jack may have actually buried his treasure right on Singleton beach while his brother was busy pillaging his ship. Perhaps he even had to leave himself clues while on Singleton beach so that he might be able to find the treasure upon his return. One of the clues witnesses say they saw was a heavy rock with a backwards “F” on it. If anyone comes across a stone like that, they should probably pay close attention to that location. It may be a place of a hidden clue or even Jack’s map.

2013 singleton map

Map Discovered

They Did It! the band of misfit kids found the boulder with the backwards ‘F’ and unearthed the coolest map yet!. Just look at it, burnt holes, images, mini poem, this map has it all. Now we can only wait to see what the BOMK can do with the information.

It appears that in order to find the treasure, they will need some other tools. Based on what is visible from this image, they may need a rope and perhaps some stakes.

There’s no telling where they will find that stuff. Maybe they can just buy it and see if they can find the treasure that way. But then again, why would the great Calico Jack Rackham make it easy to find his treasure? especially when he knows his brother is hot on his tail.


6/25/2013 A Second Clue…

Today’s second set of reports regarding the landing of Rackham have just come in from the same person who noticed the bolder with the backwards “F”. This eyewitness also said that the other navigational devices they noticed Rackham carrying looked like the ropes in this picture.

The witness said that they had no earthly idea why Jack was carrying the rope or what he might be using it for but the witness was sure that it was this kind of rope and it looked like there was lots of it.

There are currently no other reports or information to share at this time. We will keep the site posted with the latest information as it becomes available. We hope that the Band of Misfit Kids are somewhere nearby as they are usually winners in hunts like this.

6/26/2013 A Pirate Riddle

What did the Pirate say when he got his wooden leg stuck in a freezer?

Answer: “Shiver Me Timbers!”

6/27/2013 Lashings

Look among the bolder shore and find the crystal stone. Beneath the stone lies the rope but beware of sneaky diversions.


They Found the Ropes!

The Goonie like kids keep digging up goodies. This time they found the ropes believed to be needed in order to find the treasure.

Based on the map they found under the boulder, they ropes can be used with stakes to locate the treasure. Now the band of misfit kids have everything they need to find the loot!

We’ll be sure to report on their findings when we learn more.

Big Dig


They dug, and dug and came up empty! The Goonies followed the map and its instructions and used all the props and tools provided by their find but to no avail! There was no treasure unearthed, no booty uncovered, just blisters and bruised egos.

This event was hard to miss on Singleton beach, the BOMK didn’t know it but we stopped by for a picture because the whole beach was wondering what was going on and by mid afternoon our office caught wind of the “Big Dig”.

By the end of they day we actually worried that the beach security Jeep might get swallowed up by the gaping hole the kids left behind.

This must have been the most disappointing treasure hunt of those kids lives. We know the Band of Misfit Kids have been coming here for years finding treasures that the whole island envies. This year it seems they were duped. We are not sure where they went wrong but surely a mistake or trick must have been the cause of this mishap.

Rackham Gold Doubloon

Rackham’s Booty – Lost on Singleton Beach 2013

At left is what is believed to be the “glorious find” that the “Band of Misfit Kids” lost in the summer of 2013. Despite locating Rackhams map under a boulder labeled with a backwards ‘F’ and successfully finding other navigation tools near the oceans inlet on Singleton beach, the Goonie like kids turned out to be more “Loony” like. They dug a hole the size of a truck that took over 8 hours of constant digging with the help of their mighty mothers and fathers. Yet, after such a valiant and committed effort, they still didn’t recover Rackham’s treasure.

The treasure hunters used Rackham’s dig instructions and lashing props to identify their dig location as indicated on the map but there must have been something amiss. No treasure was unearthed leaving the excitement of a booty find for perhaps another day.

The summer of 2013 proved disappointing and served as a reminder to the band of misfit kids, that even heroes suffer defeat and not all stories end happily. Despite this setback, we anticipate more updates for the summer of 2014 as our records indicate that the BOMK will be positioned at ocean front on Singleton where they will be center stage for any new developments as Rackham may return to reclaim his treasure.