Summer 2012

Great Seal of South Carolina

Official Notice

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
The island of Hilton Head South Carolina has issued a formal warning to all residents and visitors of the island. The warning declares a verified presence of a dangerous treasure hunter who is believed to be a distant relative to Calico Jack Rackham.

Reports first began in February 2012 and have increased in frequency. It is expected that this pirate will remain at large throughout this summers vacation season.

Police officials have confirmed the reports and although he is known to be gravely dangerous, he has yet kill anyone so he is unfortunately free to remain on the island throughout this summers vacation season or until he finds his family’s booty and sails away.

Police urge everyone to stay clear of this modern day pirate. He is armed, dangerous and has only one objective; find a lost treasure of his distant blood line Jack Rackham who was known to have made routine landfall in Hilton Head to hide his stolen fortunes.

Although it may be common to see curious treasure hunters searching Hilton Head island for hidden treasures, this instance is of grave concern for island officials. “Any relative of “Calico Jack” has PIRATE in his blood and cannot be trusted” said the Hilton Head Island police chief.

If you see anyone resembling an authentic pirate, it could very well be the distant offspring of Rackham and he’s believed to be extremely dangerous. Stay away and let him pass with his map as he searches for his family’s booty.


This just in, the pirate relative of Jack Rackham was just reportedly seen at Singleton Beach today! Witnesses claim he had a gold tooth with a sword tucked into his belt. He carried a shovel and map looking for his great, great, great, great, grandfathers hidden treasure.

Authorities believe he’s getting closer to the hidden booty but is still unable to find it because he can’t read the map. If anyone is able to recover the map they will be very very lucky because they will have a clear path to the Calico hidden treasure.

THis Just In! Rackham has been run-off by the “Rag Tag Band of Misfit Kids”!

It happened at Singleton Beach just like we were anticipating. The Giggling Goonies were en route to the beach this morning when they happened upon Rackham’s marked location where he apparently intended to initiate his next dig. The Brave boy they call “Captain Gray” quickly leaped into the dunes to apprehend Rackham’s map just before Rackham charged the children. Luckily the courageous Bosun’s mate referred to as Big Hokie drew both swords that were staked into ground marking Rackhams dig location. Big Hokie fought brilliantly and with a few smart blows Rackham was run off!

Rackham Encounter!

The Rackham encounter with the “Rag Tag Band of Misfit Kids” was an epic battle. The “Misfit’s” easily spotted Rackham’s dig location because the silly pirate had marked his spot with two swords staked into the ground. Foolishly, he also left his map next to the swords where captain Gray was able to grab it. While doing so, Rackham appeared from behind the bushes, to his amazement, he realized that the “Misfit Kids” were onto him. He then tossed his shovel aside, drew his sword and charged!

Luckily, Big Hokie thought quickly and drew the two swords from the ground and valiantly defended the Goonies. In the end, Big Hokie was victorious as Rackham fled the scene like a coward.

The video and images below were captured by an innocent bystander and submitted to this website on 6/21/2012. They show how fierce the pirate appeared to be at first when he charged but then, as he realized he was going to get his butt kicked he turned tail and “jumped ship”. That’s what we call being “run through”.