Singleton Map 2015

Singleton Map 2015June 27th, 2015. This years Singleton map was recovered at the scene of the Rackham sighting. Pictured here is the map displaying incredible details of where to locate Rackham’s plunder. It’s clear from the image that the Goonies would have to traverse a waterway if they approached the burial sight from the cost.


Fortunately, these adventurers had exceptional island navigation. With their experience from previous treasure hunts, and creative thinking, The Band of Misfit Kids were able to find a trail head on the western side of the waterway.

The trail head (pictured right) was a quiet, lost, little slice of island mystery, covered by the canopy of lush growth and vegetation. It wasn’t clear where the trail would lead. But the Goonies, with bravery and adventure, took to the trail as if it were familiar territory. After a few moments of trail humping and a couple false turns, the Band of Misfit Kids were able to locate the spot on the map where Rackham indicates the treasure was buried.