Singleton Map 2014

Back of Singleton Map 2014They Did it!, the Band of Misfit Kids found the real treasure map leading to Rackham’s treasure. The same treasure that he buried on Singleton Beach during the summer of 2013.

It was true redemption after an embarrassing debacle last June when the “Loonies” excavated half the beach in a fruitless search spurred by a fake map.

As it turns out, the kids found their 2013 map under a boulder with natural markings in the shape of a backwards ‘F’. The backwards ‘F’ should have been an obvious indication that the map was a fake.

We all know pirates use fake maps to deter hunters. But, today, theFront of Singleton Map 2014 “misfits” went from a fake worthless map last summer to a real and bountiful map in 2014.

The front of this map (pictured right) has similar markings to many of the other maps that have lead to real treasure finds for the Goonies. It also has a poetic element on the back (pictured left) that helped the kids interpret where to focus their search efforts.