Singleton Map 2013

Singleton Map 2013The summer of 2013 was a year for firsts. It was the first year Rackham was able to read and the first time his map was not a traditional map but instead it was more like an instruction manual for how to locate his buried treasure (he must have gotten fancy because now he knows how to read).

It was also the first time his treasure was not marked specifically at the dig location but instead he marked locations away from his treasure and used knotted cordage to determine the proper distance to his treasure from the staked locations.

Notice on his map he writes and draws pictures and even offers a hint in the form of a poem in the lower right hand corner.

He apparently used fabric instead of paper to create this map although it looks like he’s been through a war with the map in tow. Oh the life of a Pirate!

Rackham is clearly getting more intelligent and trickier. We’re just speculating but could very well be the last summer the BMK will be able to find his treasure.

Surely If Rackham continues to learn and experience first hand the capabilities of the “Band of Misfit Kids” then he will surely get wiser each year and more challenging to beat and out-think.