Singleton Map 2012

Singleton Map 2012The summer of 2012 was the year of the “Rackham Encounter”. This map was recovered from the scene where Big Hokie and the “Band of Misfit Kids” (BMK) ran-off Jack Rackham. Jack was literally establishing his dig site (although in the wrong location because he didn’t know how to read) when the BMK stumbled upon his camp.

Startled, Rackham tossed his shovel and drew his sword with the fluid motion of a veteran fighter. Upon charging the BMK, “Big Hokie” stepped up and defended and with heroic flare driving Rackham back behind the hedge where Jack turned tail and fled the dig site.

With Rackham gone, this map was fairly easy for the BMK to follow. Their treasure hunting experience and ability to read enabled them to quickly locate the booty and distribute it evenly among themselves. It was a glorious find for which Rackham is sure to seek vengeance and remuneration.