Singleton Map 2010

Singleton Map 2010Hilton Head South Carolina is home to many pirate legends and stories. It’s often a place for treasure hunters who spend most of their lives looking for booty that has been hidden by pirates who’ve made landfall on Hilton Head island.

Most treasures hunters spend the better part of their time in search of the map and not the treasure itself. Once a map is discovered it usually leads to great fortunes.

The last known map to have lead to a treasure was the “Singleton Map” pictured left. This map was recently held by a private family on Singleton Beach who declared the map stolen as of the summer of 2010.

According to local lore, the map was taken by a rag-tag band of misfit kids who embarked upon a treasure hunt that did in fact lead to a bountiful discovery. It was later told that this same group of maverick characters also came across a bottle that floated ashore in the summer of 2011 which also lead to a glorious find (despite their run-in with booby traps).

Local legend continues that this band of “Goonie like” kids may actually be a small group of very experienced and brave treasure hunters who embark on an adventure every year at the same time in the same place. As of the date of this article, we have not yet been able to interview these voyagers but we suspect that there could be a grand engagement if they happen upon Rackham while in search of his fortune. Our money is on the misfit kids but then again, Rackham is lethal so we won’t bet the farm.