Mack Rackham

mack_rackhamMack Rackham is the brother of Jack. Both siblings have been feuding and involved in the relentless pursuit of their family’s fortune since birth. The brothers are not friendly with one another and have been known to make sincere efforts to kill the other.

Mack has recently become the pursuer of Jack who carries a recent booty that he discovered in May 2013. The chase appears to be heading westward toward the eastern seaboard of the US. Some say Jack looks to make a quick landfall on Hilton Head Island where he can stash his find.

It is rumored that Mack has demonstrated a higher aptitude for learning and intellect than Jack. Because Mack has not been seen or recorded very often in the 21 century suggests he’s either not socially aware or perhaps worse, he is a social media maniac. If this is true, It’s possible that despite all of Jacks efforts, Mack will always have the advantage…time will tell.