Lost Treasure of 2013

2013treasureRackham’s Booty – Lost on Singleton Beach 2013

At left is what is believed to be the “glorious find” that the “Band of Misfit Kids” lost in the summer of 2013. Despite locating Rackhams map under a boulder labeled with a backwards ‘F’ and successfully finding other navigation tools near the oceans inlet on Singleton beach, the Goonie like kids turned out to be more “Loony” like. They dug a hole the size of a truck that took over 8 hours of constant digging with the help of their mighty mothers and fathers. Yet, after such a valiant and committed effort, they still didn’t recover Rackham’s treasure.

The treasure hunters used Rackham’s dig instructions and lashing props to identify their dig location as indicated on the map but there must have been something amiss. No treasure was unearthed leaving the excitement of a booty find for perhaps another day.

The summer of 2013 proved disappointing and served as a reminder to the band of misfit kids, that even heroes suffer defeat and not all stories end happily. Despite this setback, we anticipate more updates for the summer of 2014 as our records indicate that the BOMK will be positioned at ocean front on Singleton where they will be center stage for any new developments as Rackham may return to reclaim his treasure.