Jack’s Blood Line

Since the disappearance of Anne Bonny there have been many tales of her and Jack’s offspring. The most credible reports indicate that Anne gave birth to a baby boy in June of 1721 who in turn grew to be a quietly successful pirate with claims throughout the Caribbean and western Atlantic.

It has been told that Jack’s son had many love interests and like his father met an untimely death after being apprehended by pirate bounty hunters. However, there are many indications that Rackham’s bloodline continues to this day as some genealogists have connected a modern day pirate and “treasure hunter” all the way back to Jack himself.

Modern Day Jack Rackham

This modern day pirate has most recently been seen pillaging the island of Hilton Head South Carolina in search of family treasures. Even as recent as June ’12 he was “run-off” by an unlikely crew commonly referred to as the “Band of Misfit Kids” (BMK).

That summer, Rackham was close to unearthing a long sought after family treasure that the BMK took from him. To this day Rackham has not been able to even the score and the BMK remains at large with a score that some say is even greater than Jack himself is aware of.