2016 “Dupped”

Fake Treasure Discovered

The BOMK “Dupped”

It was too good to be true. What looked like Atocha treasure and was just as difficult to find as real treasure, turned out to be some kind of a diversion.  If Rackham was leading the BOMK astray to keep them away from his real stash then he was cunningly successful.

There was a treasure chest, gold bars, silver bars and a treasure anchor along with all the typical indications that the kids hit pay-dirt. The bars even had the markings of the Atocha treasure. Yet, after striking a gold bar against the concrete, the truth was revealed. They had been “dupped” by the master. With this trickery, the great Jack Rackham evaded a great loss in 2016 and no doubt will be laughing all the way back to port when he reads this on his iPad powered by his ships shackled up wifi upon his main mast.