2014 Plunder!

2014 Plunder

The “Great Plunder” of 2014

Rackham’s plunder has been recovered by the Band of Misfit Kids. Those Goons really pulled off a great hunt. They used several clues and instincts only experienced treasure hunters develop.

Their skills led them to locate and excavate the treasure pictured left. The first of a few clues they used was written on the back of the map that was written on a piece of worn leather. The text read:


“He comes from the sea
and trembles the foe
like a storm on the lee.
On Singleton Shores
his treasure may be.
Listen to Burke
but don’t follow him blind
leave him right
but don’t look behind.
Stay yer course
and his plunder you’ll find.”

The Misfits were able to determine from this poem, that near Singleton beach, is a road named Burke’s Beach Road. The road leads off into a beach trail that accesses Singleton beach. From this trail they determined that they needed to “leave it right” which they figured meant that they had to take a right off the trail. From there, they use the following rhyme to find the dig site:

“Burkey me boy, I sing yer song
I follow your line, turning right before long
I take the trail towards the great palm
80 paces with another 20 beyond
into the pine, I turn toward the calm
20 more and I can’t go wrong”

This rhyme told them to find the big Palm tree on the trail and take 100 paces, advance into the pine, turn away from the ocean and take 20 more paces. That’s exactly where they found a small palm bush and next to it natural markings suggesting that ‘X’ marked the spot!

What a great find – the Band of Misfit Kids did it again!