2012 Doubloon


Rackham’s Gold Doubloon

At left is an image of the gold doubloon thought to be part of the Rackham booty yet to be discovered on the island of Hilton Head. It is believed that there are nearly 100 doubloons along with other stones and gems stored in a box or small chest and buried somewhere in Hilton Head.

The story behind this treasure dates back to 1720 just before Calico Jack was captured at Dry Harbor Bay in Jamaica.  It’s been told that before Jack anchored in Jamaica he deposited one of his last claims on “Singleton Shores” which back in the 1700’s was the name for today’s Hilton Head private beach called “Singleton Beach”.

This booty is believed to remain undiscovered and has recently become the subject of many reports as several instances of pirate sightings have occurred on this very beach.


Rackham’s Score

Today’s score was “Rackham’s Score”, a small box full of gold doubloons, diamond chunks and common sea shells. The discovery came today 6/19/2012 when Hilton Head’s infamous team of 6 youths known as the “Ragtag Band of Misfit Kids” came across Rackham as he was preparing his next dig site.

The misfits nabbed Rackham’s map and ran him off by defeating him in a sword fight. Afterwards, they followed the map that Rackham could not read. With some logic and good reading skills, the Misfits were able to locate Rackham’s descendant’s last deposit made here in Hilton Head in 1720.

“Rackham’s Score” was buried in the rocky moor where the waters bled from the Single shore. The site was marked with an ancient log standing on end secured by large boulders. After moving 3 large stones, the Misfits initiated the dig and quickly uncovered the treasure.