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pirateHome to the only place in the world dedicated to following the adventures of the Band of Misfit Kids (BOMK). We keep records of all pirate encounters, maps, treasures and any other reports or information we can collect.

Ever since the summer of 2010 we have been following the activities of a modern day pirate known by the same name as his 3 century old ancestor “Calico” Jack Rackham. This pirate has been found to be searching the eastern seaboard for his ancestor’s treasures and has been known to make landfall on the island of Hilton Head.

bomk_41Ironically, this is where the Band of Misfit Kids enter the scene. It seems that each summer since 2010 they have managed to drum up new clues and old maps leading to great treasures.

They are a group of savy, intelligent, persistent and relentless pioneers. They don’t give up, rarely get tricked and laugh (sometimes cry) in the face of boobie traps or live pirate encounters.

They each bring their own talent and skill to the mystery of pirate treasure hunting. Together they are a force to be reckoned with and a force for sure for the likes of Jack Rackham.

With two live pirate encounters under their belt, this team of Goonies has unearthed 5 different treasures in the last 6 years. They are very good at what they do and by the time they are adults they will have re-written the book on treasure hunting.

You too can follow their adventures by following this site. We dedicate a staff of researchers and writers who are on the bleeding edge of pirate information. Through our site, you can check out past encounters, treasures and treasure maps. Stay tuned for any new updates – We’ll be posting updates to the home page for this summer’s adventure.

Frightening Speculation June 30, 2017

There’s Something Deadly About This Summer!


Unlike other summers, there are no early reports streaming in this year and we think that a tragedy has occurred. We have had no record of a Rackham appearance since June 25, 2015. That’s a full two years and 5 days! and that’s unlike Rackham. We think this eerie calm comes at a strange time because we all know his Atocha treasure was not found last year when the Goonies got “dupped”. Therefore, the Atocha treasure is sure to still be somewhere on Hilton Head Island. But, without any sign of Jack for two years and no reports of maps or any clues from islanders, we are left only to speculate.

The image above and at left were received by us from an unnamed source at the State Department, someone we think has been leaking all this Russian-Trump drool. There was no explanation with the images. Could our government intelligence be trying to tell us something? We know nothing more at this point but we are frantically researching every lead and we are determined to uncover the meaning of these images.

More Images but no Explanations!

Monday, July 3, 2017
More images have been received but we are no closer to an explanation or understanding about what this summer entails for us.  Except for the images themselves, we have no further information.

From our own interpretation, we think that the imagery implies there’s a dead pirate somewhere and that these foreboding images could mean that the great Jack Rackham no longer roams the island of Hilton Head. Once again, this is only speculation, we continue to research and dig to find relevant information. As soon as we have more information, we will share it.

There Must be a Dead Pirate?!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017
More mysterious and strange images.  Why have we been receiving more and more images of dead pirates or skeletal remains of pirates? It seems certain now that this is a representation of something to behold. There must be a dead pirate that is central to this years Hilton Head Pirate encounter.

We are now convinced that these images have been provided to us to somehow inform the Band of Misfit Kids of some information that perhaps only they can interpret. If this is true, we will keep revealing these images and then tracking the activities of the BOMK. Maybe we will discover the real meaning of all this dead pirate stuff.

Rackham’s Sword & Sidearm

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We received these images last night with no additional information. The pictures represent what we believe to be Rackham’s sword and sidearm. The sword looks to bear a skull and cross bones similar to the famous Jolly Roger designed by Calico Jack Rackham in the early 1700’s. With these type of markings, the sword is likely to be owned by a Rackham for sure but we don’t know if it’s Jack’s or Mack’s.

The sidearm is a flintlock pistol carried by many pirates. As you can see from the image, the pistol also bears the markings of Rackham’s Jolly Roger on the hand-grip of the pistol. Therefore, we have concluded that this gun was also owned by a Rackham.  Why we have received these two particular images is unknown to us.  But, as we have stated before, there is a better chance that these pictures have some sort of meaning to the Goonies and we will have to leave the investigation in their hands by providing the most timely and helpful information that we can.

Disinterment Law

Thursday, July 6, 2017
With all of this dead pirate conversation going on this summer, we have decided to do a little research on South Carolina laws pertaining to the exhumation or disinterment of a dead body. In order for someone such as the Band of Misfit Kids to legally dig up a dead pirate, they must get approval from the local registrar of the county of Beaufort South Carolina. Disinterment laws require approval from a living family member and if no known family members survive, the County Registrar must provide approval upon a legitimate request to disturb a body at rest. South Carolina considers legitimate requests of disinterment to be as an example “a body having been deceased for 32 years which has returned to life, roams the earth as a living being and has matching DNA of the body put to rest 32 years ago”.

So, the BOMK now has a decision to make. Are they going to pursue disinterring the Rackham body in a legal way or are they going to be a bunch “Rogue Goonies” and break the laws of South Carolina. If they collectively and unanimously decide to seek approval from the local Registrar, what possible reason could they use to convince the Registrar that they have a legitimate reason to disinter the Rackham body? It sounds like the State of South Carolina has written the code in such a ridiculous way that there would never be any possible reason to approve disinterment of a body without approval from a surviving family member.

Another Strange and Seemingly Random Image

Friday, July 7, 2017
We have no idea what the meaning of this picture is or why we would randomly receive it. We can only hope that the Band of Misfit Kids will know what to do with this information. We learned late yesterday that the BOMK were doing some sort of cross referencing or triangulation activities in an effort to locate a map or a clue. We don’t know what that investigation revealed if anything or if this picture helps in their plight to find the resting place of Rackham.

To sum up what we know or believe at this point, we are fairly certain there is dead pirate, we don’t know if it is Jack or Mack, we should be on the lookout for a sword and sidearm and ohhh by the way, we also determined that unless this dead pirate was buried in a real cemetery, there is no law against digging holes in the South Carolina, even if that hole yields a dead pirate. So our whole disinterment article is irrelevant because the dead pirate was surely not buried in a state sanctioned cemetery.

Dead Pirate Unearthed at Singleton Beach

Friday, July 7, 2017
Unbelievable! we have just received these pictures from the parents of the Band of Misfit Kids. They have found the dead pirate and unearthed a pile of nasty pirate bones. As you can see from this image. There were femur and hip bones, tail bones, hand bones and even the jaw of what the BOMK determined to be Mack Rackham.

Along with the creepy pirate bones, the Goonies also found Mack’s sidearm, a classic flintlock pistol with markings identifying the weapon as Mack’s. There were also marks on the butt of the pistol indicating that Mack had used that weapon to kill 15 people, notches as if he were keeping track.

Along with his sidearm, there was also a fully legit pirate cutlass sword. The blade was in its sheath and reportedly had markings consistent with the sword we wrote about previously. You can see the pistol and sword in the adjacent image, also provided to us by the parents of the BOMK.

Video: “I think we just found our dead pirate”