Rackham Creeping!

Rackham Creeping

June 19th, 2015 Hilton Head island officials have reported sightings of who they believe to be the famed pirate Jack Rackham. Reports have begun rolling in from several beachfront properties along Singleton Beach. This seems to be the favorite stashing location for Rackham; most likely due to the convenient inlet that offers small boats passage inland during high tide.

Reports this week have been consistent says deputy Shackles of the Hilton Head police department. "Everyone keeps calling saying they saw a pirate creeping around their house, looking into our windows". "The whole community is in a stir" says Shackles. "But, they must know that of all the incidents, there has been no contact. It's as if he's looking for someone and hasn't found them yet". Shackles continued to say "We've also not heard about the 'Band of Misfit Kids' (BOMK) this summer. If it's true about Rackham being present at Singleton beach then I sure hope those pesky kids are scheduled to arrive soon. Seems like every summer they out-think and out-maneuver Rackham. They are just what we need right about now, their presence sure would help our cause".

Despite Captain Shackles confidence in the BOMK, it is the opinion of this author that the BOMK is who Rackham is looking for. We've been following the saga of Singleton shores treasures for many years now. One thing is for sure, Rackham and the BOMK are due for a reckoning!

Rackham Seen Creeping, Drops Map

Rackham CreepingRackham CreepingRackham Creeping

June 25th, 2015 Jack Rackham was seen creeping around Singleton beach homes. Reports have Rackham snooping around the Singleton beach vacation getaway of the Band of Misfit Kids (BOMK). We have received preliminary reports that Rackham was spotted by the BOMK and when he realized he was seen, he ran to the pool deck as if to take the position of high ground to ward off the BOMK and declare his superiority.

However, we believe this action may have cost him dearly as the BOMK reportedly recovered Rackham's treasure map near that spot at the pool deck. We believe he dropped it while trying to display his dominance. Now it's only a matter of time before the "Goonie" like kids head out on their summer adventure using Rackham's map. Surely they have the advantage now despite being intimidated by Jack with his sword thrust high.

We have our feelers out for anyone who might have recorded this pirate interaction. It really looks like Rackham put a freight into the BOMK but only a video could tell us how they responded when seeing him.